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Emerson Family Tradition

Spray Painting is a tradition in my family. In 1946 my grandfather Mark Williams started a company spraying mostly refrigerators and appliances. He gradually worked his way to cabinets. When my father was old enough to learn, my grandfather taught him the tricks of the trade. My father and grandfather built up a very successful business. When I was around 11, my father taught me the "family business". I would go to work with him on the weekends and during my breaks from school. My father focused mostly on the cabinet side of the business while my grandfather did all the appliances. When I reached High School, I started working with my father after school and during the summer. After the untimley death of my father, right out of High School, I started working full time with my grandfather. I did this for 4 years until he passed. I worked for the company still for 8 more years and then started my own. As you can tell, I am very dedicated to my work and have many return customers and refferals.

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